Corona Virus

The Star Valley Quilt Trail is scheduled for August 20 – 21 of this year. We want to assure you we are monitoring all the different aspects of the evolving COVID-19 (corona virus) and how it may affect the Quilt Trail. We will keep you updated as we get closer to our quilt show.  We will monitor the State of Wyoming’s Health Department and our own Star Valley Health, hospital, and take appropriate steps.  Of course we hope not to postpone or cancel the show. On a positive note; quilting has not been canceled! Keep sewing and finish up those quilts!  Wash your hands! Stay healthy!


The 2020 Challenge Quilt is: Wonderful Wild West.

What images come to mind when you see those words? Wild animals, wild parties, wild people, wild scenery? Whatever it is bring it to life in a quilt. Let your imagination run wild!

The maximum quilt size is 42” inches X 42” inches or perimeter (total of all four sides added together) of 168 inches. May be any shape or technique.