Featured Artists

Meet Lauri Giese

Like all girls growing up in the 50’s sewing was just another life skill you learned – mending, ironing, cooking, cleaning, gardening. My mom was a good teacher. 4H and Home Economics honed my skills. I didn’t love or hate sewing – it was something you did. I enjoyed painting, drawing, computer graphics, and outdoor activities.

We retired in 2004 and took to the roads in our fifth wheel. I met a group of women who quilted, and mostly for female company, I gathered with them. I became enchanted with the beautiful colors of Batik quilting cottons and purchased a 1934 Singer Featherweight machine to quilt and travel with them.

I designing my own pieces, experimenting with materials and techniques using my art background. I love exploring all the pathways available to quilters today and sharing what I have learned on my creative quest.

Meet Ruth Ann Ryan

Beautiful things come together…
one stitch at a time….

My desire and inspiration were from my mother, she encouraged and taught me how to sew. She was a beautiful seamstress and her hands were always busy doing some type of handwork. She sewed all mine and my two sisters clothes.

I participated in 4-H and homemaking, so when my first child was a girl it was just natural to try to make her some cute little dresses. Polyester became my fabric of choice and I made many outfits for my family.

I have always loved the feel and texture of wool.  From the baby lamb I helped raise to the wool blankets that keep me warm.  Now I love to sew with wool, it is such a joy and pleasure!  Wool is so forgiving and makes everything more beautiful and more special. I learned how to hand quilt and embroidery when I was a young girl and wool and hand stitching just go together. Too much wool…sew little time!

Meet Neoma Soelberg

Featuring her My Savior Quilt

My twin sister, Wyoma, and I were born April 29, 1925, daughters of Hyrum and May Roos of Auburn, WY., early pioneers of Star Valley. I was the eighth of eleven children. My family lived like pioneers with winter temperatures of -53 degrees in a wood home with no insulation. Losing both our parents at young ages, my older sisters had to do everything from making bread to sewing clothes.  Life was hard as our family grew up during the “Great Depression.”

I started drawing when I was a small child.  I did a lot of art work for school and church activities. I started sewing for fun when I was a teenager and it grew from there. For many years my daughter, Katherine, and I designed over 15 lines of western or wildlife themed fabric for Troy fabrics.

Over my 97 years I have made between 2,000 – 3,000 quilts for family, friends, business, and humanitarian projects. My whole life has been involved around fabric and sewing. I owned two fabric stores, designed patterns, and had a TV show where I taught sewing skills.  Currently I have a garage full of fabric and would say I have a major case of stashites – “I just love fabrics”!