Summer 2020

Quilt of The Last Supper

Just added to the Quilt Trail show is the Quilt of The Last Supper by Dr. Donald Locke, originally from Texas and now lives in Utah. This famous quilt was made with the help of a computer generated image of De Vinci’s masterpiece of The Last Supper. Dr. Locke used 51,816 1/2 squares to pixelate the images. The quilt measures 67 inches high (5 1/2 ft) and 183 inches wide (15 1/4 ft). It took him 2 1/2 years to complete it, and our own Linda Taylor of Etna, Wyoming quilted it in 1999.

Be sure to visit the Etna location of the Quilt Trail to view this incredible quilt.  It’s a quilt that must be seen!